ND 1002-16 AC/DC(28V) Power Supply

Product model:

ND 1002-16

High-frequency phase-shifting full-bridge transformation technology and intelligent control are used, with perfect functions and superior performance.

Key words:

protection stability module

Product Consulting:

Product Description

1. Fast dynamic response and high efficiency of the whole machine.

2, excellent output stability: voltage stability <0.2, load stability <1%.

3. Low output ripple and strong anti-interference ability.

4. Complete protection functions, such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overheat protection, etc.

5. Humanized intelligent operation interface: easy to use and simple to operate.

6. The power supply can output 7 channels at the same time, of which PP1, PP4 and PP3 I share the same power module and isolate the output. PP2 and PP3 II share the same power module and isolate the output. M I and M II share the same power module to isolate the output.

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