ND 1002-DHG201 AC/DC Power Supply

Product model:

ND 1002-DHG201

The source adopts high-frequency phase-shifting full-bridge transformation technology and intelligent control, with perfect functions and superior performance.

Key words:

protection stability outputs

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Product Description

It consists of four parts (power part, control part, interface part and DSP part). The alternating current of the system is converted into two direct current with adjustable voltage, and the two output voltages are adjusted by the button setting on the front panel to realize 28V ~ 35V adjustable.

1. Fast dynamic response and high efficiency of the whole machine.

2, excellent output stability: voltage stability <0.2, load stability <1%.

3. Low output ripple and strong anti-interference ability.

4. Complete protection functions, such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overheat protection, etc.

5. Humanized intelligent operation interface: easy to use and simple to operate.

6. The power supply has 2 outputs, respectively BB isolated outputs; BP isolated output.

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