Service system


Based on Xiangyang, radiation nationwide

Established in Beijing, Wuhan, Xiaogan, Daqing, Xinjiang and other offices

Business Phone:0710-3703198

After-sales hotline:400-0710-208(24 hours)

After sales service system:

1, regular maintenance system. According to the customer's work arrangement, formulate the annual return visit plan and complete the regular maintenance of the company's products;

2, cooperate with the inspection system. Cooperate with the unit after-sales, the company sends special personnel to carry out inspection work;

3, after-sales maintenance system. According to after-sales arrangements, to provide customers with professional technical training, and online technical consulting services;

4, report the maintenance system. Strictly implement the system of arriving at the scene within 24 hours and troubleshooting within 24 hours.

5, after-sales spare parts system. After-sales service spare parts library covers all types of spare parts for all generations of products to ensure the timeliness of after-sales maintenance services.