Hubei Tehoo group was established in August 1993, the company headquarters is located in hubei xiangyang, covers an area of nearly hundred Chinese acres, a total construction area of 25000 square meters, has all kinds of precision instruments and mechanical processing equipment more than 100 sets. Over the years, companies rely on automatic control, precision machinery, hydraulic, sensor technology and application, is committed to in the field of military industry and high-tech research and development and production, and has applied for patents, four software copyright. The main products of the company from a single CYY series pressure sensors, has been formed sensor and oil test equipment series; Automotive air conditioning and air-conditioning system series; Hydraulic and non-standard test series; Hydraulic gas skid-mounted LNG series and so on four big series products. Company's product innovation idea and results for many years come to a customer and government departments at all levels of the affirmation and recognition. In 1998, the company by the hubei province.also for the "national high and new technology enterprise"; In 2011, the company research and development center by the hubei province development and reform commission identified as "provincial enterprise technology center"; In 2012, the company by the national defense weapons and equipment research and production units confidentiality accreditation committee identified as "level 2 secrecy qualification units"; In September 2013, the company received by the defense department issued by the labor bureau "weapons and equipment research and production license"; In December 2013, the company has issued by the Chinese people's liberation army general armaments department of "equipment make grinders unit registration certificate".

Looking to the future, the company will always adhering to the "to provide customers with better products and services" business philosophy, with customers hand in hand, altogether will create happy tomorrow!


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Chairman: Luo Renxing

Hubei Xiangyang people, doctor, senior economist, Xiangyang chief technical experts. He is currently the chairman of Hubei Taihe Electric Co., Ltd., the director of China National Defense Industry Enterprise Association, the vice chairman of Xiangyang National Defense Industry Association, and the representative of the 10th Hubei Provincial People's Congress. Graduated from Harbin Institute of Ship Engineering, majoring in aircraft overall structure design and research, has 30 years of experience in the research and development of high-end equipment such as aerospace ground equipment, and is the person in charge of a number of aerospace ground measurement and control projects.

Nanjing Youke Machinery Co., Ltd.

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The company has formed the main products are a variety of sensors, control testing instruments, environmental control equipment, mechatronics equipment, special high-power power supply and other five product series.

Plant side panorama
Over the plant area
Machine workshop
Air conditioning assembly workshop 1
Air conditioning assembly workshop 2
Hydraulic Assembly Room


According to the requirements of the product high and low temperature, damp heat, cooling capacity, rain, vibration and other project tests, with complete product testing and detection capabilities.

R & D Center 1
R & D Center 2
Air conditioning enthalpy difference laboratory 1
Air conditioning enthalpy difference laboratory 2
Automatic calibration device for pressure gauge
Rain Test Room

Production assembly workshop

Precision instruments and machining equipment


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